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In 2021, at the annual general meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a resolution was passed by IATA member airlines committing them to achieving net-zero carbon emissions from their operations by 2050. The objective of this collective pledge, called Fly Net Zero was to bring air transport in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement to reduce global warming to below 2°C by that date. 
As well as a commitment to reducing airborne emissions, IATA recognised that ground operations also has a crucial role to play in reducing the global aviation sector’s carbon footprint. Its own research found that electric powered ground support equipment (GSE), using a typical European country’s electricity generation emissions, produces 48% less CO2 than GSE with internal combustion engines. Extrapolating this on a global scale and using 2019 traffic levels as a base, the ground handling industry would have generated 1.8 million tons less CO2 per year if all GSE was electrically powered. Another advantage of electrically powered equipment is a drop in noise level, to between 5.5 to 8 dB(a). 
Across the industry, GSE manufacturers are striving to meet customer demands for more sustainable equipment, such as solar-powered aircraft steps and baggage belt loaders, for example. Significant investment worldwide is being made at airports to facilitate the use of electric ramp vehicles, recharged through the installation of solar panels as part of the airport’s managed upgrade to more renewable energy infrastructure. 
A UK leader in GSE manufacture, Newbow Aerospace has risen to the challenge with the launch of the first wheel and brake change trailer in the GSE market to feature a roof-mounted solar panel, which powers internal LED lighting. 
Initially designed and manufactured for launch customer, Aer Lingus, to enhance its night-time line maintenance operation, Newbow’s XL trailer eliminates tow vehicle dependency, thanks to its on-demand renewable power. 
Key features: 
o Single 130W flexible and lightweight roof mounted solar panel 
o 1 x 50Ahr LiFePO4 battery 
o Solar panel battery charge controller with digital display 
o 2 x 7W internal roof mounted LED strip lights, delivering 12 hour continuous operation 
o 2-way switches located at the trailer door entry points 
o Fully independent operation 
Commenting on the introduction of its solar-powered XL wheel and brake trailer, which is available with other bespoke stowage options, Marc Green, Sales Director of Newbow Aerospace, said: 
“In line with the major advancements happening across the aviation industry to achieve the objectives set out in the Fly Net Zero pledge, Newbow expects to see a significant rise in demand for greener GSE solutions and we were delighted to produce this new XL trailer for our customer, Aer Lingus. The availability of lightweight, flexible solar panels now gives us the scope to develop products which will contribute to more sustainable airport ramp operations.” 
Supporting the global aviation industry for over fifty years, Newbow Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of ground support equipment, including nitrogen carts, calibrated gauges, hoses, regulators, wheel and brake change trailers and other tools and equipment. 
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