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Category: Wheel Change Trailers 

Product: Large Capacity Wheel & Brake Change Trailer (70280) Part Number: NBWBCT-70280 


The Newbow Aerospace manufactured aircraft wheel and brake change trailers have been primarily designed to support fast, safe and effective wheel and brake change operations on the ramp, around the airport and even within the hangar. 
This model wheel & brake change trailer is primarily designed to support wide-body aircraft operations and offers excellent flexibility regarding what equipment can be placed inside the trailer. 
Typical on-board contents to support a wide-body wheel change would allow 2 x large axle jacks, 2 x main wheels, a wheel and brake change dolly and a spare brake pack to be stored inside the trailer. 
The trailer can accommodate a payload of 1600 KG+ and can be accessed via the side and rear aluminium spring balanced doors that offer minimal gradient, allowing for one person to easily load and off-load the contents. 
This trailer is also equipped with an over-ride braking system which automatically self-brakes the trailer when it is towed, allowing for added safety around the airport when towing large payloads. 
Independent rear suspension arms also reduce shock when being towed. The rear suspension is also height adjustable. 
Please also note that this large trailer has a single rear axle (2 wheels) which allows a single person to easily manoeuvre and position the trailer when being manually pushed or pulled, unlike some large trailers that feature a double rear axle (4 wheels). 
This product is ideal for base and line maintenance activities and can be used on a wide range of aircraft series including: Airbus, Antanov, BAE Systems, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac, Dassault, Embraer, Gulfstream, Irkut, Lockheed, Mitsubishi, Pilatus, Sukhoi, Tupolev, Textron 
Single Person Use 
Side & Rear Ramp Doors 
Over-ride auto braking system 
Large Contents Capacity 
UV Opaque Roof For Daylight Penetration 
Double Acting Parking Brake (Auto- activate + Manual Activate) 
Integrated tow arm with lift & lock parking brake 
Suitable for all aircraft type 
BSEN, P.E.D & CE Compliant 
 Full Customization Can Be Offered 
 Different Size Towing Eye 
 Customer Specific Paint Colour 
 Customer Corporate Logo Fitted 
 Gas Bottle Storage System 
 Nitrogen System or Regulator System 
 Lighting (internal & exterior) 
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