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MK7ATIS-001EL Key Information

  • PRESSURE RANGE:0-350 psi
  • ITEM DETAIL:Aircraft tyre inflation kit 001EL
    Hand held aircraft tyre inflation tool
    2-metre tyre inflation hose with small valve inflation adapter

MK7ATIS-001EL Overview

Newbow Aerospace is renowned as the global aviation market leader for its wide range of aircraft tyre inflation equipment.

Each tyre inflation tool is individually calibrated by competent Newbow Aerospace engineers using UKAS certified equipment.

The 63mm diameter bourdon tube gauge is calibrated to an accurate tolerance of +/- 1.5% at reading, allowing for optimum aircraft tyre inflation pressure settings to always be achieved.

Unlike many common tyre inflation tools, the Newbow Aerospace equipment does not consist of a gauge pointer back stop or stop pin at the zero zone. With the back stop or stop pin not present, the gauge pointer can freely rest within the zero zone when not in use, instantly indicating to the operator that the pressure gauge remains within its certified tolerance.

Consisting of a shatter proof Perspex lens and protective rubber cover, the Newbow Aerospace tyre inflation tool is very robust and reliable.

All tyre inflation tools feature an ergonomic knurled handle, internal filter, high quality upper and lower nitrile valve assemblies and easy operation control level, allowing for tyre inflation and venting of excess gas. Each unit is supplied in a protective carry case with certification.

The two-metre length tyre inflation hose allows the operator to inflate the aircraft tyre at a safe working distance. The inflation hose features a long reach screw-on tyre valve adapter suitable for small size aircraft tyre valves. The long reach adapter allows access through wheel covers or wheel fairings. The other end of the inflation hose features a female quick connect adapter, allowing fast connection and disconnection to the hand held inflation tool.

Technical Specifications

  • EN837-1 compliant
  • Calibrated with UKAS certified deadweight tester
  • Calibrated accuracy +/-1.5% at reading
  • Single scale dial (PSI)
  • 63mm diameter bourdon tube gauge
  • Shatter proof lens
  • Protective rubber cover
  • Pre use accuracy check
  • Internal filter
  • Inflation & vent operation
  • Quick connect two-metre length tyre inflation hose
  • Screw-on small valve inflation adapter
  • Certified
  • Released with 12 Months calibration period
  • Serviceable
  • Fully traceable
  • Accurate, reliable and robust

Available Options

  • This unit can be offered with a ‘night glow’ dial face which automatically illuminates the dial during dark environments.
  • This unit can be offered with an excess pressure relief valve fitted to the inflation tool body

Aircraft Types and OEMs

AdamGeneral DynamicsBritten Norman
Aermacchi (Alenia Aeronautica)GrobCessna
Agusta WestlandHawker BeechcraftDassault
AirbusHondaJetDiamond Aircraft
Airbus Helicopter IAIEclipse
BAeMcDonnell DouglasEurofighter
Boeing RotorcraftNihonGeneral Atomics
Bombardier NomadDiamond Aircraft
Britten NormanNorthropEclipse
Diamond AircraftPZL MielecFokker
EclipseRussian HelicopterGeneral Atomics
EurofighterSabrelinerSino Swearingen

Are you interested in MK7ATIS-001EL?

If you are interested in ordering MK7ATIS-001EL, or just require more information, then please call Newbow Aerospace on +44(0)1527 518 100, email or use our contact form.

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